Professional Dance &
Circus Photographers
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Marco Cappalunga
" I am a Professional photographer,associate with TAU Visual the major national
association of professional photography ( specialising in the fields
of weddings, dance, ice skating and portrait photography "

Marco has shot for many principals of The London Royal Ballet and the Ballet school
of Teatro Alla Scala of Milan

He is available to shoot throughout Europe

"Model portfolios and portrait are realized in my fully equipped studio which offer the
possibility to have different location to offer a very diversified portfolio."

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David Miller
David has been a keen photographer for the past nine years. After joining St George
Leagues Club Photographic Society, David participated in all the club activities
photographing landscapes, cityscapes, wheelchair races, athletics and pelicans.
I have been published in the local paper a number of times, I have sold a photos to
the Sydney Morning Herald and Telegraph, and have had my photos published in
Peter Brook’s book about the 1998 Round Australia Rally.
I was an accredited photographer for the Paralympic in Sydney 2000 and the
Commonwealth Games in Melbourne in 2006. I photograph motor racing, pole
vaulting, long jump, running, dance, circus, cycling, fencing, wood chopping,
kayaking, street photography and photojournalism which all require quite different

More recently I have taken to photographing the human body. My fine art nude has
been exhibited overseas with many successes in The Austrian Super Circuit, 5 gold
medals and a bronze to date.

Based in Sydney, David is available for work throughout Australia

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images of such music industry luminaries as Marilyn Manson, Brian Wilson, Dead Can
Dance, and Radiohead. More recently however he has turned his focus to creating
A bearded woman is groomed by a bald girl, an armless beauty smiles seductively as
she writes with her feet, half-girls, fat ladies, contortionists, and little people, this is the
curious world of Brad Miller’s photography. It is a world somewhat familiar to those who
know and love circus sideshow but it is not a sideshow that exists in any circus here on
Earth. “These images are not a literal documentation of sideshow. The disparity
between what the circus banner promises and what is actually seen inside the tent is
often a disappointment. These photographs are of the circus that lives in ones
imagination in those moments of anticipation. They are the dreams, nightmares, and
fantasies inspired by those broken promises”

To see more of Brad Miller’s work visit his website.